Introducing Our Head Girl Team 2023-2024

Speaking of her pride in being a St Helen’s student, our new Head Girl Mehma who has a black belt in Taekwondo, plays piano, guitar, and saxophone said:

St Helen’s strives to help every girl become the best version of themselves. As well as being stretched and challenged academically, our school community has supported me to make friends, and memories, that will stay with me forever.

Mehma (left) is joined by Tia (centre) and Lucy (right) as Deputy Head Girls.

Tia who loves to travel and play sport including, netball and lacrosse said:

In my opinion, an outstanding school is one in which the very experience of it, equips you with all the necessary tools to thrive once you have left and this is exactly what St Helen’s provides its students.

Lucy, who performs Irish dancing, ballet, singing and drama said of the stimulation and education she has received:

St. Helen’s is a school that truly does flourish. It cultivates an environment that nurtures intellect, independence and resilience, enabling each student to soar academically and personally. Every girl is supported throughout their own challenges and celebrated in their accomplishments, to help pursue excellence in all aspects of the curriculum.

The 2023-2024 Head Girl team will be supported by our prefects: Cassandra, Farah, Zoe, Ameera, Summer, Rianna, Diya, Sophia, Asha, Zara and Sarah.

Our prefects are just one part of our commitment to help our students develop leadership skills, as they prepare for life beyond school. Wishing our new team the best of luck for the new school year!