Our Chess Champions Embody the Value of Co-Curricular Education

An impressive win for St Helen’s Under 9s Chess Team on their first appearance at the English Primary Schools’ Chess Association Championships.

The semi-final of the English Primary Schools’ Chess Association at Bristol Grammar School was expected to be by far the toughest according to the level of skill in the line-ups this year. Our U11 team managed 6.5 game points despite competing with some of the strongest juniors in the country.

The highlight of the day was an impressive 3-2 win for the U9s over St Christopher’s, despite the U9 team only having four players at the time, including two Year 2’s and one Year 3!

Our Chess Coach Tomer Eden of Premiere Chess Coaching:

Both teams displayed tremendous maturity taking their time throughout the day and gaining precious experience.

Co-curricular activities beyond the classroom are an important part of a well-rounded education and help students to develop in all areas of their lives, both academically and personally. Students who participate are more likely to explore a range of interests, develop time management skills, learn how to work under pressure, develop a positive attitude towards learning, and have improved overall well-being. St Helen’s offers an extensive co-curricular programme, and if a topic a pupil is interested in doesn’t exist as a club, they are free to curate and build one.