How We Help Students Unlock Their Full Potential

Exam results are important at St Helen’s, but they only represent one part of the education we offer our students. We also encourage each individual to unlock their full capabilities and break through the barriers of their comfort zone in a safe and healthy way. 

 For our students with the highest intellectual potential, we have processes in place to help challenge them and put their academic aptitude to wider use, in ways they have never imagined.  

Reaching new horizons 

Our Highest Intellectual Potential (HIP) Programme is an enrichment opportunity for students who shine academically. Our programme challenges them further, encouraging them to develop their unique skills and curiosities. The students do this with the support and guidance of their mentors and fellow students. 

 The wonderful thing about the HIP Programme is that teachers can gently push their students to reach new horizons beyond the classroom, bringing unexpected joy. The individual coaching method enables students to develop their critical thinking and grow in confidence as they approach their next big step in life.  

 “The aim is to give students the opportunity to go beyond the classroom and research really interesting things and see how that fits into the bigger picture of society or science or whatever that happens to be.” Libby, student. 

 HIP students are carefully selected as they must meet specific criteria to secure themselves a place on the programme, such as three teacher nominations along with the data from their assessment scores. 

 Fostering a love of learning 

 A key element of the HIP programme is stretching our students, in an empowering environment, and inspiring them to pursue their love of learning, as well as discover new areas of thought in an engaging way. The range of activities have been designed to allow intellectual curiosity to thrive, delving deeper into areas of particular interest. 

 “HIP has definitely made me look into things that I would not have looked into if I was not in HIP… it is for pushing you and making you realise that there are things you might like even if it looks like you will not.” Aadya, student.  

 Positive results throughout the school 

 The approach of creating a space for inquisitiveness and instilling a love for learning has had a positive impact on all students. HIP students have a particular responsibility to promote a culture of learning for all members of the school; they will also undergo termly academic challenges to pursue their love of learning. These challenges are additionally open for all students who wish to get involved and undertake an extra challenge. 

 “You don’t need to concentrate so much on teaching to the test and you can actually think about learning. And our exam results have shown it has been very successful.” Alice Lucas. Head Teacher. 

 Watch the video to hear more of what our teachers and students have to say about our HIP Programme. 

Click to watch the HIP Programme video.    

We look forward to seeing our students continue to flourish, delve into their passions, explore new avenues and take what they have learnt for the years to come.

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