Congratulations to our Year 11’s on their excellent GCSE results!

St Helen’s celebrates the GCSE results achieved by our Year 11’s!

After last week’s outstanding A Level results, we join as a community in celebrating the fantastic achievements of our Year 11 students who received their GCSE results this morning. We are delighted to share that 35% of all grades awarded were grade 9s, 63% were grades 9-8 and 84% were grades 9-7. 54% of our Year 11 students achieved all grades 9-7.


These are fantastic results across the whole spectrum of subjects and cause for celebration! These children experienced two lockdowns and a turbulent start to their secondary education. Still, despite this, they have worked incredibly hard, shown huge determination, responded to the guidance of their first-class teachers, and achieved results of which they can be truly proud. It is particularly impressive that the girls have done all this whilst embracing the full range of wider opportunities provided and giving back to the community through charitable projects. I am excited to see all that this cohort will go on to achieve in the Sixth Form, not just academically, but through our volunteering scheme, co-curricular programme, and student leadership opportunities. They will continue to develop into confident, kind, and well-rounded young adults, and it is our privilege to play a part in their journeys.

Mrs Neelam Varma – Acting Head