Providing space for students to discover the wonders of maths with our Maths Masterclasses

By offering optional extra classes, our mathematics teachers are taking their teaching beyond the classroom and providing opportunities for our students to delve deeper into the concepts already being taught in the classroom.

One such example are our Maths Masterclasses. These are designed to stretch and inspire keen and talented St Helen’s students, allowing them to broaden their mathematical knowledge and develop a sense of enjoyment in the subject. Masterclasses are offered in three different streams with each one aimed at preparing students for the UK Maths Trust Challenges.

While these Masterclasses are elective and students choose to attend, they have proven to be very popular. They take place over the course of five sessions each term, and are provided and presented by Dr Dolby, a maths teacher at St Helen’s. During the classes he demonstrates a range of skills designed to push students beyond what they would traditionally see in the classroom and introduce them to concepts that broaden their understanding.

Like all our staff at St Helen’s, Dr Dolby, is not only interested in seeing the top students achieve; instead, he is passionate about ensuring every student in the classroom is performing at their best and classes such as these facilitate a more collaborative and less intimidating approach.

Since the introduction of the Maths Masterclasses, there has been a significant improvement in the results that our students have achieved in the UK Maths Trust Challenges. Last year St Helen’s saw over 330 students obtaining bronze certificates or better, which represents a 50% increase on the results achieved in the year before.

“It is encouraging to see how these classes have helped students overcome their own fears and doubts around mathematics, and by doing so, realise their own potential in the subject.”

– Dr Dolby

Due to the popularity of the Masterclasses, as well as the various other classes offered by the mathematics teaching staff, there has been a substantial growth in enthusiasm for the subject from students across the school. Many have commented on how the enrichment offered has helped them to approach the subject with a sense of confidence.

We look forward to seeing how our students continue to benefit from the Maths Masterclasses.