Year 7’s Rise to the Challenge

Making the transition to Senior School can be daunting, however for our new Year 7 cohort, any such fears were soon forgotten at our Year 7 team building event.

At the start of every academic year, St Helen’s curates a practical and intensive three-day team-building event which provides the incoming Year 7 students with the opportunity to partake in a host of fun and challenging activities. These provide the girls with an opportunity to get to know one another, break the ice, build friendships, and, importantly, discover their own strengths while helping to create a sense of belonging.

Over the three days, the girls showed true grit and resilience, rising to the many challenges set before them. They must be commended for fully embracing the vast array of activities. These included learning to abseil, honing their archery skills and conquering an obstacle course while blindfolded!

Having students feel that they are known and valued is a central pillar of our values at St Helen’s and this program is an integral part of helping our girls feel this.