Academic excellence is only part of the story at St Helen’s

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Albeit an important factor of learning, high grades can only take students so far in life. Pastoral Care at St Helen’s helps each student learn skills beyond the curriculum, aiding them with emotional awareness, character building, and confidence. Find out more about what this entails, from Prep School to Sixth Form.


Providing a firm foundation at Prep School

As part of our well-being care, all girls receive guidance in mindfulness techniques to help with mental health, resilience, and stress reduction. Zones of Regulation have also been introduced to help the girls identify and regulate their emotions in a healthy way whilst learning.

Through Circle Time, the girls connect and discuss issues covered in our Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) programme.


It’s around this age that the pupils start to become aware of their behaviour and the positive impact it can have if channelled correctly.


“I find the PSHCE lessons useful. It can help us for when we are older and teach us how to deal with things. We can think and talk about issues now, so we are prepared for when we are older.”

Avana, Year 4

Our Prep School registration deadline for 2024 entry is Friday 3rd November 2023.


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Enabling girls to blossom at Senior School

The Senior School weekly timetable includes our programme of Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) covering healthy living, relationships and sex education, modern values, study skills and initial thoughts on future careers.

We also consider current affairs topics such as refugees, mental health, drugs awareness and Parliament Week. The sessions are led by teachers with advice and input from outside experts and our own specialist staff.


Along with attentive pastoral support from personal tutors, our Senior School girls also benefit from a newly built beautiful chill-out space, called The Zone. This is a device-free area, specifically designed for relaxation and calm reflection.


“I think I am beginning to instil some of the character attributes in myself, such as resilience. I always waste lots of time and I motivated myself to be more organised. I made timetables and calendars to keep track of time and events. This is a great habit because I won’t rush around forgetting things as everything is on my to-do list.”

Anya, Year 8


Our Senior School registration deadline for 2024 entry is Friday 10th November 2023.


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Preparing Sixth Formers to live their best lives


For our Sixth Form students, we use a coaching style of tutoring, called GROW (Goals, Reality, Obstacles, Way Forward). With this method, students are encouraged to develop their independent thinking skills; you’ll find more details about this a little further down the page.


Our Sixth Form students receive a high level of personal mentoring and the opportunities they are given for personal development, with practices such as public speaking, help to build resilience and self-confidence.


From our experience, we’ve found that if you treat students with trust and respect, you’re more likely to produce young adults who are trustworthy and respectful.


“I find the coaching meetings extremely useful – I am able to gain valuable, individualised feedback from my coach whenever there is an issue I am facing, and together we are able to come up with an effective action plan that I can put in place. This is revised during the next meetings, which I find particularly helpful as I am able to continue moving forward and adjust my plans as my goals change. With this guidance and advice from my coach, I have been able to achieve many of my goals.”

Diya, Year 12


Our Sixth Form registration deadline for 2024 entry is Monday 23rd October 2023.


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