See your daughter’s confidence GROW

Senior School and Sixth Form teachers at St Helen’s are trained in using a coaching style called GROW (Goals, Reality, Obstacles, Way Forward). This helps every student develop their independent thinking skills and the ability to self-reflect. GROW coaching empowers the girls to actively pursue their academic and personal ambitions.

Learnings that last a lifetime

We’re confident that, as a parent, you’ll soon be able to notice a difference in the confidence and clear thinking of your daughter as a result of the GROW teaching model. This inner strength will help to set them up for the future.


“I find the coaching meetings extremely useful – I am able to gain valuable, individualised feedback from my coach whenever there is an issue I am facing, and together we are able to come up with an effective action plan that I can put into place.”

Diya, Year 12


So how does GROW work exactly?

Through guidance, encouragement and asking the right questions, our coaches empower the girls to define their own ambitions and aspirations; in terms of personal and academic achievements.


“With some students GROW has been a great methodology for encouraging deeper conversations around their ambitions and aspirations, and in particular the steps they will need to take to fulfil them.” Alexander Williams, GROW Coach


What does the GROW coaching style set out to achieve?  Above all, we want students to leave us with a strong sense of self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence.


Integrity, Kindness, Courage and Resilience


Through GROW we also aim to develop personal values, with a particular focus on the school’s chosen Character Attributes of Integrity, Kindness, Courage and Resilience.


“My coach has encouraged me to be kinder to myself on a daily basis and make a more conscious effort to recognise when I have done something well.”

Ria, Year 12


Enabling future happiness and success


In short, we strive to enable our students to make informed decisions about their future career opportunities and to prepare them effectively for their lives ahead.


“The students are empowered to make their own decisions. It means that they are being less directed, and see tutors as sources of support, or sounding boards, rather than a source of nagging.”

Hayley Stein, Director of Sixth Form.


It’s right to expect the highest academic qualifications at St Helen’s but it’s also right for a parent to expect so much more from their daughter’s education. We’re fully committed to delivering on all fronts.


The Sixth Form Autumn registration for our 2024 intake is just around the corner. You can discover more details here and how you can apply for a place.