St Helen’s School hosts badminton sessions for local primary students

“That’s how we come together, by building a bigger table, not a taller wall.” – Barack Obama

As part of the St Helen’s PE department’s outreach programme, we invited two groups of Year 6 pupils from Hillside Primary School to participate in some badminton lessons at our Sports Centre facility. The sessions were led by our amazing PE staff who taught the pupils the basics of badminton, such as how to hold the racket, how to serve, and how to rally.

Many of the students in attendance had never played badminton before, but they showed great enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.

It was incredible to see the huge progress that the pupils made. Over the course of the sessions, they were able to improve their skills, confidence, and teamwork. They also learned about the benefits of badminton, which can assist in improving fitness, coordination, and concentration.

We would like to thank Hillside Primary School for their collaboration and support, as well as the pupils for their participation and enthusiasm.