Helping students pursue their passions

We pride ourselves on the extensive offering of co-curricular clubs and societies available for St Helen’s students so they can do what they love most, from Rugby to Robotics!

A great feature of our co-curricular programme is that students have the freedom to create their own clubs.


Hannah’s Story


One of our Sixth Form students, Hannah, is the founder of two clubs: the Irish Society and the (Taylor) Swift Society, demonstrating the plethora of co-curricular activities available for students. Hannah founded the Irish Society to discover more about her heritage:


“Creating my own society has helped me to express myself more fully as being of Irish descent. It has allowed me to further explore my heritage and help others to also learn more about Irish history, culture, and customs.”


The Swift Society was created as a fun-filled outlet for fellow students who share a love for the great Taylor Swift! Activities vary from discussing Taylor’s latest hits to having a good singsong and creating their own concerts.

Hannah expressed how starting her own societies not only benefited herself, but others too:


“I have seen positive impact in how people have learnt about things that they had not known before and likely would never have known or even thought to look into. It’s great to see people coming out of their shells and engaging in discussions!”


There’s so much to discover at St Helen’s – click here and check out our new dedicated page for all things co-curricular!