Meet our environmental enthusiasts – Hannah and Lalita

Our co-curricular programme is about empowering students to explore their passions outside of the classroom. We love to see students excel and achieve their goals; this also inspires other students to pursue their own interests.


What Eco Club has meant for Hannah and Lalita  

Eco Club is about protecting our planet and achieving a greener and cleaner future.  Hannah and Lalita joined St Helen’s from different schools and have a shared interest in living an eco-friendly lifestyle and inspiring others to do so.


Hannah and Lalita are the oldest students in Eco Club and have put a lot of effort into ensuring the club is inclusive of all ages. They have led the way by organising Green Week, assemblies, and engaging activities to shine a light on environmental issues. Further initiatives have involved restoring the greenhouse opposite the Prep School and there are plans this summer term to build a Bug Hotel.


Both students reflect on a key highlight:


“One of our favourite memories is Calendar Sale (our annual Christmas Fair), where we set up a stall to sell upcycled/eco-friendly products. This is one of the most pivotal roles as a member of the Eco Club and raises awareness in a fun and engaging way with students and parents.”


Being part of Eco Club has helped Hannah and Lalita reflect on what they’d like to do beyond school, as they look to join university, and hope to take what they’ve learned at St Helen’s with them.


“We’re interested in geography, biology, and economic related courses at university.  After this, we may go onto study further research around sustainable development or environmental sciences as a result of our involvement in Eco Club.”


We wish Hannah and Lalita the best of luck with their environmental endeavours!


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