Digital learning is now fully embedded throughout the school, and students now experience much of their learning through their own personal Surface devices, OneNote’s Class Notebook and Microsoft Teams.

Students have access to a wide range of digital tools to complete tasks in a manner that suits their learning needs; teachers use a blended approach in the classroom, combining the most successful traditional teaching and learning methods with new technology to enable students to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding.

Technology will help our girls be brave and true, to take their place in an evolving digital era and help shape the future.

For our students

Digital intelligence ensures that they have the skills and resourcefulness to meet the demands of an ever-evolving digital world, and know when and how to utilise technology effectively.

For our teachers

Our commitment to training and support ensures our teachers’ use of technology helps provide the highest standards of teaching and learning, enabling them to plan and deliver the most exciting and engaging lessons, and inspire our students to make the most progress possible.

For our school

Our IT systems and network provides an agile platform for innovation whilst supporting the smooth running of our school and wider communications, and, providing essential insights to our students’ progress and wellbeing through tracking, monitoring and evaluation.

OUR students WILL…

Be excited about their learning, always asking the question ‘why’

The internet is a vast resource that holds the key to answering many questions. Sophisticated digital literacy and research skills help us think deeply about hidden assumptions, evaluate all sources and make informed judgements and communicate our learning in the variety of ways made possible in a digital world.

Our students can discern how and when to use technology to further pursue their own interests and learning, and find their place in the world.

Be independent, adventurous and ambitious

Technology encourages the girls to be independent, adventurous and ambitious. Using technology encourages collaboration and teamwork, challenging students to think for themselves and giving them the confidence and proficiency to navigate the world around them.

Be the problem-solvers and trailblazers of tomorrow

Technology can help students become the designers, engineers and innovators of tomorrow; it can equip them with the resilience and resourcefulness to help the world overcome our many challenges.

Always be guided by integrity and their own strong moral principles

Students will be able to identify reliable and truthful sources of information and those that are not. They will understand their responsibilities to contribute to the sharing of truthful, reliable content.

Students will be aware that access to technology and the use of AI have contributed to a digital divide within society, and that responding to this will be an increasingly important aspect of living and working with a commitment to equality.

Celebrate diversity

Technology supports inclusivity and diversity by ensuring that all our students are able to access personalised support for their learning. Technology allows students to experiment in expressing themselves in a variety of ways and to explore and develop confidence in their own identity.

Be compassionate towards themselves and others

Learning to use the internet safely and with kindness is so important for our students. They need to learn to be good digital citizens, to be aware and ever mindful of their digital footprint and how their online choices can affect themselves and others.