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To prepare students for the future, the Futures Programme aims to develop students’ self- awareness, opportunity awareness, resilience, adaptability and career-management skills.

These are all essential elements of career adaptability, which is vital to navigate an increasingly complex, global and evolving world of work.


In addition to curriculum activities and regular mentoring meetings with their tutors, there is an ongoing schedule of individual guidance opportunities for students, with both members of the Futures Department and external careers advisers.

These individual meetings are an opportunity for students to reflect on their strengths, values, core beliefs and interests to support them in making choices at key decision times.

Opportunity awareness

There are a number of activities built into the Curriculum through which girls gain a greater understanding of how the world of work is changing and what working in different sectors and professions entails:

  • Year 8: STEM Careers Day and the Real Game
  • Year 9: Take Your Daughter To Work
  • Year 10: Future Lives Panel Discussion with alumnae
  • Year 11: Careers Convention

Additionally, every year we hold two sector-based Futures Evenings for students in Years 10 to 13 which enable students to learn more about different opportunities and career paths in different sectors.

Career-Management skills

The Personal Impact Programme delivered to Year 12 students is designed to help students present themselves professionally and showcase their skills and abilities in a range of contexts.

Students will start to build up their professional portfolio: a CV, LinkedIn profile and network of contacts. Additionally, interview skills are developed through Interview Workshops in Year 13.