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Our students go on to study a wide range of degree subjects at the most competitive universities in the UK, with over 80% accepting offers at Russell Group Universities including Oxford and Cambridge. We deliver an outstanding Higher Education Programme enabling students to secure offers at their preferred Higher Education Institution.

A good academic profile at A Level and GCSE is often not enough to secure an offer at a competitive institution. We are proud therefore to provide a comprehensive and personalised programme to ensure that students submit strong higher education applications.

Planning for success

Through our University Preparation Courses, which are subject-specific in focus, we support girls in their higher education research and planning, to enable them to develop the study skills required to succeed at university.

Additionally, each student has an individual higher education planning discussion with a member of the Futures Team to draw up an action plan to ensure their applications have a competitive edge. We subscribe to the UniFrog and Degree Course Descriptions Online databases which further facilitate students’ higher education research and planning.

Bespoke higher education Events

Being able to talk to representatives from higher education is enormously helpful to our students; we make this possible by organising a number of bespoke events such as the Higher Education Convention and the Higher Education Forum.

We also host a University Lunch every year, where students have the opportunity to meet with former pupils currently studying at university, who offer invaluable advice and insight and share their experiences.

Mentoring Programme

Our Mentoring Programme enables girls to build on these connections and they can request to be linked with alumnae at university to further support their journey into higher education.