Investment in Learning | St Helen's

Developing St Helen’s for the Future

Investment in Learning can take many forms and St Helen’s is continually seeking to drive forward its capabilities and capacity in a number of exciting and dynamic ways.

The most visible investments are normally those of a capital nature and St Helen’s is fortunate to be able to invest its resources wisely into a measured, yet innovative estates masterplan.  Over the past 5 years, the School has invested nearly £25m in new or refurbished facilities, including Woolfson (the new building for Years 3-6), a new School of Music, a completely renovated Sixth Form building and new sports facilities.  Most recently, the School completed a refurbishment of the senior school library above the Rowland Brown Hall and this is already proving to be a great hit with the pupils.

The latest project to invest in learning at St Helen’s is the completion of a new £5m STEM Centre alongside the existing Science facilities.  This has created 4 new Design and Technology labs, a new Science lab and 6 additional classrooms for the Maths department.

Investment in Learning is not just about buildings however; it is at least as important that we invest in our staff and develop them to provide the very best for the pupils at the School.  The School continues to build its capacity to support those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and to invest in providing ever greater support for the counselling and well-being of all pupils. We invest heavily in the professional development of our staff, supporting them with internal training opportunities, the sharing of best practice and on external courses.

Learning in the modern world requires getting the best out of technology and St Helen’s believes in giving its pupils the opportunity to learn with and from the best of the proven technologies available (without necessarily following every technological “fad”!).  Our recent investment in classroom SMART touchscreens, School-provided mobile devices and purpose-built ICT suites enables pupils to access what they need, when they need it.