All pupils from Year 2 enjoy being a member of a House. The Houses allow for cross-year relationships to develop and encourage a sense of friendly rivalry played out on the sports field, the stage and House competitions.

Houses are a joyful part of our school and every alumnae remembers the House they were in.

Houses in Prep

All girls from Years 2 – 6 are in one of our four Houses: Nightingale, Earhart, Curie and Keller.

Pupils elect Year 6 House Captains, attend House meetings and all the girls’ housepoints earned for good learning behaviour or efforts, go towards their House. The winning House for each term then chooses a ‘treat’. In the past these have ranged from a water fight to a Mufti Day.

There are also competitions, such as our House Swimming gala, and activities, for example House Christmas sing-along, that all girls are involved in. These help to integrate the girls through the years and foster positive relationships and role models.

Houses in Senior School

The four Houses, Bronte, Franklin, Kahlo and Seacole help to build a sense of community across the Senior School age range, and the girls take part in friendly House-based competitions in Sport and Performing Arts. The Houses also provide a focus for many of our charitable fundraising activities throughout the year.

The much-anticipated annual House Arts event marks the end of the year. Sixth Formers from each House write, direct, choreograph and compose a piece of drama performed by Years 7-10 which is adjudicated by an external member of the dramatic profession. It is very noisy and hotly contested!